Stemmed points (Travis, Nolan, Zorra, Pandale, LaJita) from Central Texas
Rectangular stemmed points at bottom look like Carrolton points but that type is not supposed to be in Central Texas
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I've been collecting arrowheads since I was about 9 years old living in the town of Indian Springs Nevada.  Indian Springs is in a desert environment and at least back then it was easy to find evidence of Indian activity (flint chips and pottery shards) on the surface of the ground.  I now live in Houston Texas and still hunt for arrowheads when I can.

Some of my particular archaeological interests are:

Texas, Oklahoma, and Southern Nevada Archaeology

Clovis and Pre-Clovis Archaeology

Colonization of Americas

Early Man (Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal)

If you have similar interests or want to look for arrowheads with me let me know.

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Southern Nevada Etched Stone (click here)
Possible Clovis from Bastrop Texas
Real Clovis from Bastrop Texas
Some finds near Bastrop, April 2008
Pandale from Edwards County
Clovis was First Man
Montell points (top) Perdernales points (bottom) and tools from Central Texas
Triangular, Ensor, Perdiz points & tools from Central Texas
The Washita point is from Oklahoma
Variety of points & tools from Central Texas
Gary points from Oklahoma & Texas, rest of points from Central Texas
Andice from Wilson County TX
Bonham style point from Edwards County TX
Other 6 bird points from southern Nevada