Meek DNA Genealogy

Through DNA testing on the Meek/Meeks DNA Project, it has been found that men with the last names Meek and Meeks are in several different unrelated DNA lineages. Those with an interest in Meek DNA genealogy are encouraged to visit the website of the Meek/Meeks DNA Project here.

These lines include five lines with a large presence in North America, which are called groups A, B, C, E, and F. The name “Group D” has been reserved by the Meek/Meeks DNA Project for the proven descendants of Guy Meek of Maryland, an early Meek settler of North America who has no definitively proven descendants.

Fred Meek is a member of Group E. So far, our Meek line has been Y-DNA SNP tested to R1b > P312 > S27900 > FGC69542 > Y146687. It is likely that anyone who tests positive for both P312 and Y146687 will be a Meek/Meeks in our line.

The placement of our Meek line is shown on BigTree in the S27900 SNP block. As you can see, our Meek line is related in the pre-surname period (i.e. before 1300 AD) to individuals who have Welsh surnames.


Known Group E lines on which significant research has been done include:

  • Thomas Meek – born about 1740 in County Antrim, (Northern) Ireland; died about 1783 in born about 1740 in County Antrim, (Northern) Ireland.
  • Adam Meek – born 1726 in Cecil County, Maryland; died 1768.
  • James Meek – born 1789 in Fairfield District, South Carolina; died 1837 in Wilkinson, Mississippi.